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Educational and Psychoeducational Assessments 
  Educational and Psychoeducational evaluations can be enormously helpful to your child. However, it still may be a difficult decision to make. It’s a big commitment in time and finances and the stakes can sometimes feel high. Naturally it is important to choose the right person for the job…someone who will be able to really appreciate your child’s strengths while also giving you the clarity and the practical recommendations you are looking for to help your child succeed academically and socially.

That is our mission. To bring clarity to your child’s challenges so that solutions can be recommended.

Time and time again, we hear from parents who are not clear as to why their child isn’t doing as well as he or she should be doing. Or their child may seem upset, unfocused or unduly quiet or oppositional. It can be unclear as to what is going on. You may suspect that your child has ADHD or some type of learning difference. How does your child learn vs. the other children in his/her class? You and your child’s teachers may have thought it was clear what the problem was but current intervention strategies have not been as effective as you all had hoped. In all these and many similar situations, testing can help to explain what’s going on in greater detail and can provide concrete, real-life suggestions for how to helpTesting Image your child.

That is where we come in. Each one of our psychologists is expertly trained with significant experience in administering only the current, most relevant testing batteries available today. More importantly, they are all exceptional in interpreting what the data shows and sharing it with you in a down to earth, easy to understand manner. Additionally, you may also need somebody who can guide you in advocating for your child and who can help you get the services and accommodations your child may need in order to learn and succeed.

But above all else, we know how important it is to work with someone you can like and trust. Obviously, you want to know that your child is in the best hands possible. To that end, the information we are sharing with you in this website is designed as a starting point for you to learn more about us and about our testing services. If you wish to begin the process of finally understanding what is going on with your child, we are here for you.

BFC- LogoDuring our consultation we may discover that your child may benefit from educational consulting services to help them find the right-fit college as well as help identifying their academic major and even help applying to college. Bright Futures Consulting is a premier educational consulting firm that specializes in these services. Please visit their website for more information and be sure to tell them that PEAS recommended you.

School Soluitions“There is a right school for every child.” That is the belief of Carolyn Means, M.Ed., founder of School Solutions. As the only experienced Independent Educational Consultant, she specializes in day school placement for children of all ages and all abilities in the Greater Houston area. Carolyn Means has helped over 750 students find the right fit at over 85 different Houston private and public schools, including preschools and special needs schools. Please visit her website for more information.
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