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Independent Educational Evaluations 
  If you are a parent reviewing the information on this page, chances are your child recently had an evaluation at school and you are in disagreement with the school's findings. If you are a school liaison reviewing this page, you likely have received a request from a parent to have their child evaluated at Premier Educational Assessment Services (PEAS). We hope the information on this page is helpful to you both.

Our psychologists have over a decade of experience providing Independent Educational Evaluations and we are committed to the highest standards of personal integrity, professional ethics and clear objectivity that parents and school districts have trusted for years. Additionally, PEAS has several licensed psychologists who are also Licensed Specialists in School Psychology(LSSP). We are able to conduct evaluations that will meet your needs as well as the school's standards for acceptability.

Additionally, all our psychologists know how to advocate for parent and student rights and will communicate with your child's school in an effective and professional manner. We are driven to find appropriate and effective educational solutions for your child, who ultimately is our true priority.

Our IEE services include:
• Personal contact between you, our psychologists and our Director of Administrative Services. Our psychologists will also consult with your school district liaison.

• Interviews with people and professionals in your child's life, including, but not limited to you, other family members, teachers and healthcare professionals.
• Administration and scoring of psychological and educational tests and/or neurodevelopmental evaluations, as indicated.
• Development of a clinical report that summaries all the information gathered including relevant background information, behavioral observations, test results and recommendations based on the results.

Also, if the district requests it, we will conduct classroom behavior observations on site at your child's school.
In addition, at the request of the school district or the parent, we regularly provide feedback regarding the results, our impressions and recommendations based on the evaluation. If required, we will also attend multidisciplinary evaluation meetings or other sessions where a Psychoeducational evaluation is discussed or an Individual Education Plan is developed.

We realize this seems like a lot of information to process and we are ready to answer your questions! If you are a parent interested in pursuing or finding out more about an IEE, you can contact us at 713-521-PEAS to discuss how we begin the process of independently contracting with your school to perform this evaluation on your child. Rest assured, we are not affiliated with any district and strive to complete a truly independent, unbiased evaluation.
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