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Welcome to Premier Educational Assessment Services! As you navigate through the pages of this website, we hope you will get a sense of how much we genuinely care about what you are experiencing and how committed we are to rolling up our sleeves and working together to help you. No question, it can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating process to find a psychologist you can trust to provide exemplary educational testing services in a city the size of Houston, TX. How can you possibly be sure you are committing your time and finances to the ‘cream of the crop’ of psychologists to properly evaluate you or your child?
We understand. It can be frustrating because there are so many psychologists in the market today.

Over the years, we have observed that many psychologists who test will use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to their evaluations, which is not in your or your child’s best interests. We only offer individualized testing services which appreciates the subtleties of your or your child’s situation. To achieve this, we initially meet at a time convenient with your schedule to discuss at length what your needs and concerns are before any testing recommendations are made. We go above and beyond other evaluators by really getting to know your individual circumstances while answering all of your current testing questions. This private consultation enables us to obtain the most comprehensive picture possible about your issues so that our professional recommendations are unique and appropriate to your situation.

Equally important is the need for high quality follow-up services after your evaluation. It is not uncommon for additional specialists to be needed in addition to our services. Whether it’s a speech therapist, educational or career consultant, tutor or psychiatrist, we have a network of practitioners who also offer exceptional help.

If you are considering our evaluation services, please relax and know that we are here for you. From your first phone call, you will be working with your very own private scheduling associate who will professionally and efficiently book your appointments as well as answer any questions you may have throughout your entire evaluation process. Please visit our Concierge Services page under the 'About' tab for more information on the extra steps we take to make this entire evaluation process as seamless as possible for you.

It truly does humble us when we hear time and time again how extremely helpful our services have been to our clients. When you are ready, we warmly invite you to contact us so that we can begin to help you, too.
The River Oaks Tower . 3730 Kirby Drive . Suite 800. Houston, TX. 77098
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