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Follow Up After the Results Session 
  Follow up imageWhen you arrive to receive your results and report, we will discuss at length our findings and your options moving forward. Please know that when you leave our office at the end of your meeting, you will have a much better understanding of your child's strengths, skills and, of course, challenges he or she faces. But we do not stop helping you at this point of the evaluation. We will also guide you towards helpful resources and additional steps you can pursue to help your child.

For example, we might advise you to have a speech and language specialist further evaluate your child in order to provide specialized treatment. Or, if your child is diagnosed with ADHD, we will provide you with a list of qualified psychiatrists in case you want to consider medication as an option for helping your child. We will never pressure you to medicate your child. We will only provide the names of qualified psychiatrists for you to consider. If your child has academic delays, we will discuss whether or not he/she needs special services at school or might benefit from private tutoring after school. If your child's problems seem to have an emotional component, we may suggest therapy services.

Again, you won't be without guidance during this process. We have a network of practitioners to refer you to. We have worked closely with them and have been impressed by the quality of their work. That being said, if you already know professionals you would like to use, or want to use your own network to find referrals, that is fine too.

At this point, are you feeling a little overwhelmed?

It's natural to feel that way when considering an evaluation for your child. But, it can also be a relief. Most parents have known for a while that something wasn't quite right...they just weren't sure what was wrong, how serious it was and, more importantly, what to do about it. So, in some ways, it can be a relief to know what you are dealing with as opposed to living with the unfounded fears your imagination may conjure up. There is always the possibility that we will conclude that your child's problems are relatively minor and that, in all likelihood, intervention and time will take care of them.

We always encourage our families at the results session to call us after they have digested the information in the report because often they realize they have more questions. Or, perhaps you want more guidance as you continue through the process of getting the help your child needs. That's perfectly natural and many parents check back in with us periodically. As we have stated repeatedly, we are here for you!

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