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Results Session
After Results1Once your child’s testing session has concluded, you will return in three weeks for your results session. (If you are under a time crunch and need us to expedite this results session, our Director of Administrative Services will discuss with you your options in order to meet your timetable).

At your results session, we will go over the results together so that you will understand exactly what we have learned, what we are recommending for your child and how you are to proceed from here.

As part of this evaluation, you will get a lengthy, detailed and individualized report that will be very helpful to you. It will explore your child’s strengths and challenges. It will use language that can be understood by you, by educators and by other professionals.

Your child’s report will include a review of all the major areas of your child’s development and you will know exactly where your child stands at this time. It will also include a detailed discussion of the following:
  • Your child’s self-esteem and self-concept
• Your child’s emotional, cognitive and language development
• Your child’s academic level
• Your child’s verbal and non-verbal skills
• Your child’s learning style, including strengths and weaknesses
• Any fine and gross motor skills
• Any possible behavioral problems
• Your child’s developmental progress from an educational and emotional perspective
But more importantly, any diagnosable problems that are revealed will include practical, concrete recommendations for addressing those challenges. Our reports provide specific guidance to you, your child’s teachers and any other professionals involved with your child.

If we believe further evaluations are needed, we will guide you through those suggestions as well. This might include a speech and language, occupational, hearing, vision or neurological evaluation.

Your report will also identify any appropriate accommodations or changes in your child’s educational setting which seem indicated. If your child is in a public school setting, you will be able to take our report to your school district to request an IEP, 504 accommodations or a special placement. For further details about this, see the Follow Up(link) section of this website.
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