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Private School Admissions Testing 
Results SessionOn the actual testing day, we will typically have already met for the initial consultation and thoroughly discussed your child’s history and concerns. We will also have talked about how to explain the evaluation to your child so that he/she is prepared and not unduly anxious. (NOTE: for our out-of-town and international clients, if necessary we can accommodate your travel plans and combine the initial consultation to occur on the same day as testing. Your PEAS scheduling associate will work closely with you on making this a smooth process.)

Most testing will typically take 4-6 hours, with breaks as necessary to allow your child to rest, eat lunch and use the bathroom. Younger children are usually scheduled for a shorter period of time due to their shorter attention spans and energy levels. Almost all of our testing is conducted in the morning when your child is rested and not tired from the activities of the day. While we will certainly work with you to avoid disrupting your child’s usual routines, it is very important that we evaluate your child at a time when they are capable of performing at their best.

Your child’s testing day has been individualized to meet his/her specific evaluation needs, so the number of hours needed to complete the evaluation will vary. Some children work faster than others. Plus, some children proceed further through some of the tests before they reach what’s called a ‘ceiling’, meaning the most difficult level of work they can handle comfortably. Whatever your child needs, we will adjust the schedule so that it works for her/him and gives us the most accurate picture of your child’s current level of functioning.

Initially, we will complete a basic battery on your child. Based on his/her results, we will then delve deeper into any areas which seem to need further inquiry. By individualizing the contents of the testing battery, your child will get exactly the assessment he/she needs without any unnecessary testing.

You might be surprised to learn that kids usually enjoy the testing! Some of it is creative—drawing pictures, telling stories, etc. Some of it involves puzzle type activities, similar to those many children like to do on their own time. Some of it involves right or wrong answers and school-like activities, but they are carefully presented to the level at which your child is currently functioning. Thus, kids succeed at the vast majority of the tasks we give them that have right or wrong answers.
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